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Interior Design

No matter what modern and unique architecture a building has, its interior space is directly space where a person has to live and work, where he spends important time of his life and feels his comfort and harmonious combination with functionality. Each part of the space is equally important and noteworthy, each part must be functionally useful and at the same time comfortable, which must first be manifested in proper planning and zoning. Only then the material, color, texture, and many other details or elements are included in the case, which allows us to make your apartment, house, or office unique, individual, and aesthetically beautiful.


Interior Design Project:

1. Measurement drawing of existing space

2. Floor Plan

3. Zoning (space planning solution) with the approximate layout of the furniture

4. Floor and ceiling planning

5. Electricity Design Project (Distribution of Electricity Points)

6. Heating-Cooling Systems Project

7. 3D visualization - interior design

8. Preparation of working drawings

9. Preparation of construction/renovation works cost estimate price list

10. Architectural supervision of the facility

Cost of full service: From 79₾ (1 m2) + VAT

In case of complex ordering of design and construction-repair works, you will get up to 50% discount on the design part

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