One of the main directions of EvoSpace is the field of private construction. We did not choose this direction by chance. On the one hand, the funds invested in the construction of your own home - a reliable investment in any economic situation. Construction is a very responsible stage in the implementation of the plan, in the way of achieving the final result, directly the process for which all the preliminary preparatory work is completed, be it design or design. The starting point in the production of construction should be quality, which should be reflected in the durability and reliability of the subsequently constructed building. Also a big role in the construction is played by the quality of construction and facing materials and their use of modern technologies, which is most clearly reflected in the final look of the building.

The Evo Builders team communicates directly with our architects and designers while still in the design stage, learning all the details or nuances of the future project, pre-defining solution paths, which will have a significant impact on construction completion times.


When building your own house, cottage, or cottage, the customer gives the same assessment, both the complexity of the work (to avoid unnecessary care - caused - in relation to the various participating crews), as well as the reasonable cost.


EvoSpace offers the most modern Evolutionary construction of houses, villas, cottages, cottages and commercial buildings using high quality materials and at optimal costs. The construction is led by high-level specialists who have many years of experience in the field of construction.


Ekonom Package

from 449₾

  • Black Frame - From 449₾

  • White Frame - From 539₾

  • Green Frame - From 659₾

  • With Full Renovation - From 999₾

Discount with full service - 4%

Standard Package

from 589₾

  • Black Frame - From 589₾

  • White Frame - From 699₾

  • Green Frame - From 779₾

  • With Full Renovation - From 1079₾

Discount with full service - 5%

Premium Package

from 859₾

  • Black Frame - From 859₾

  • White Frame - From 999₾

  • Green Frame - From 1089₾

  • With Full Renovation - From 1589₾

Discount with full service - 6%

* Discount for architect service - 15%

* Discount for architect service - 25%

* Discount for architect service - 35%