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Minimalism @Gogebashvili

Completed project on Vera. Cozy, studio-type living space, minimalist interior.

Plain black kitchen space, with a combination of colorful and harmonious furniture and functional decorations.

A large sliding glass window adds extra special comfort to the living space.

When discovering the interior space, the first thing you will see is a I-shaped ceramic granite table with a decorative red metal pendant. Plain ceiling design and minimalist lighting are also an integral part of the interior design...

Works: interior design (special thanks to the customer), renovation works from the black frame (stained glass windows were replaced, new partitions were built), furniture design and execution, installation of accessories, home appliances, lamps, accessories and decorations...

Duration of works: 4 months, works were carried out remotely with the customer, with the help of a live video eye,

Full project management - EvoSpace

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