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Architecture - the art and science of building design and design. In a broader sense, architecture also includes the design of the entire building complex and its environment, ie from the macro level - urban planning, urban design and panoramic architecture, to the micro level - including the creation of interiors and furniture. Architectural design takes into account both cost and engineering validity for the builder, as well as functional and aesthetic significance for the customer.

Organic architecture - a philosophy that popularizes the design concepts of harmony between the human environment and nature, which are so integrated with the location that buildings, structures and the environment become one whole interconnected composition. Famous representatives of this current are architects Gustav Stickle, Antonio Gaud,, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Bruce Goff, Rudolf Steiner, Bruno Zev, Hundertwasser, Imre Makovec and others.

Architecture as a field of art is included in the field of spiritual culture. Created by human hands, it in turn plays an important role in the development and formation of society and directly of man. Artistic expression expresses the worldview of the society and aesthetically shapes the human environment.


Architectural project:

1. Area planning

2. Zoning and space planning

3. Volumetric sketch of the building

4. 3D visualization

5. Prepare a working architectural project

6. Construction project

7. Electricity project

8. Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems Project

9. Project agreement With the Architecture Service of Tbilisi City Hall

10. Preparation of construction work cost estimate

11. Architectural supervision of construction

Cost of full service: From 67₾ (1 m2) + VAT

In case of complex ordering of design and construction-repair works, you will get up to 50% discount on the design part


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