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Villa Geo-Astro / Bazaleti / The first private obesrvatory

The project of a modern and individual residential house with a private observatory building (with a movable roof, size: 9mX5m) is implemented in the village of Undilaantkari, Dusheti district.

The house has one floor and is 45 cm above the ground. In terms of construction, the building is a frame building, the outer contour of which is provided with a construction block (20/20/40 cm).

The façade of the building is covered with wood-textured ceramic granite and natural concrete texture, which is a kind of architectural framework of the building. The building has a 360 sqm open roof terrace.

The interior is made according to an exclusive design where high-quality finishing materials, exclusive furniture (natural oak wood material), and accessories are used.

The interior is made in loft style and was designed by our partner architectural company "IN Studio".

The project is fully implemented with smart home technologies, including the robotic movement (opening and closing) of the roof of the observatory building (size 9 m X5 m) located remotely.

Along with the different architecture of the house, it has a non-standard ceiling height (3.4 m) and a non-slip monolithic roofing tile, which creates a distinctive interior with a different concrete texture.

The residential building has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 utility room, and a large studio living room with kitchen space located in it.

Architecture & Interior Design: inStudio | Furniture & Decorations: unimast, woodmetal | Smart House: UGT | Full Project Management: EvoSpace

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