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Introducing you to an innovative project, modular and light summer cottages (as well as full-fledged residential villas), with modern architecture and functional (comfortable) interior.

The building can be located anywhere in Georgia and is equipped with all shopping functions for complete comfort.

The project includes: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a studio living room and a large terrace.

The total living space is 125 sq.m.; Among them is a 35 sq m summer terrace.

The cost of the project does not include foundation work, as foundation work will be calculated individually after the geological project is completed.

It is also possible to compile a project of the desired configuration. (Minimum area 80 sq.m.)

The cost includes full construction and renovation costs, excluding only furniture and appliances.


  • Modern modular, lightweight building

  • Energy efficient walls

  • Can be installed anywhere

  • Modern architecture and interior

  • Functional and comfortable space.

Construction duration of construction: 3 months from the construction permit
It is possible to customize it to the desired configuration
Cost: from 150K₾ with turn key (construction and complete renovation, without foundation work, furniture and appliances)
The cost includes, architectural project, interior design, construction and complete renovation work.
Additional offers:

  • Foundation works

  • Equip with smart home features

  • Solar energy panels

  • Modern, own sewer septic tank

  • Fully equipped with furniture, accessories and appliances


Metal construction load-bearing structure, facade of heat and hydro insulated sandwich panels

Aluminum stained glass and processed wood plywood interior

Built-in large pantry and tempered glass interior doors, zenith stained glass

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